October 26, 2020

2016 Presidential Election at Wellesley Public Schools

May 28, 2016

By Jameson O’Neil ’18, Staff Writer                                                              With the 2016 presidential election cycle well underway, the Wellesley High School community has localized the election in a number of

Wellesley student directs “Polish Joke”

May 25, 2016

By Christine Arumainayagam ’16, Staff writer                                                              Not only is Sylvia Czubarow ’16 the founder of the Improv Club, a talented Rice Street singer, and a highly accomplished

REVIEW: Mad Max: Fury Road connects to world issues

May 24, 2016

By Jacob Nangle ‘18, Staff Writer                                                             In an age of reboots, sequels, and spin-offs, one had to guess that Mad Max, George Miller’s Australian, dystopian-action franchise, would be

Wellesley Junior Boat Cruise: A night to unite

May 23, 2016

By Celia Golod ’17, Media Editor                                                             300 members of the junior class experienced a night of food, dancing and fun at their annual Boat Cruise, May 13th. Class

A masterwork performed by masters

May 22, 2016

By Samantha Kizner ’19, Staff Writer                                                             Chorus and the orchestra are two extremely different and extremely talented groups. Though each program holds concerts many times a year, they

REVIEW: All the Light We Cannot See: The blind girl and the German soldier

May 18, 2016

By Carolyn Hale ‘18, Arts Editor                                                             A French girl taps the sidewalk in Paris with her cane as hundreds of miles away, a young German boy sits in

Wellesley librarian wins honor for top of the line school website

May 18, 2016

By Owen Zides ’19, Sports Editor                                                             Mrs. Fiske has been a librarian for a long time now, almost 12 years in total. She has now been at the

REVIEW: Concussion reveals the truth about America’s game

May 17, 2016

By Shannon Chaffers ’18, Opinions Editor                                                             In an abandoned lot sits an abandoned truck, in which Pittsburgh Steelers legend Mike Webster, betrayed by the game he loved, finally

A Wellesley Mansion that rivals the Cliff Estates

May 12, 2016

By Olivia Gieger ’17, Editor in Chief                                                             Every day, runners, walkers, dogs, and baby carriages alike beat down the dirt paths of Wellesley’s Elm Bank reservation. Unbeknownst to most, however,

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