Comments Policy

In keeping with our mission to serve as a forum for the discussion of issues affecting the Wellesley High School community, we welcome comments. All comments will be moderated.  We review comments once each weekday.  Publication of comments is at the discretion of the advisor, in accordance with the following policies:

  • Comments must be brief, relevant, and respectful.  Those wishing to express themselves further are invited to write a letter to the editor.
  • Comments must be in line with the Core Values of the Wellesley Public Schools:

 –Academic excellence

–Cooperative and caring relationships

–Respect for human differences

–Commitment to community

  • Thus, no attacks on individuals for any reason will be approved.  Similarly, no comments with profane language will be published.  Address the audience no differently than you would a teacher.
  • Views expressed in comments are those of the commenter.  They do not reflect the views of The Bradford, Wellesley High School, or the Town of Wellesley.  Once approved, comments become the property of The Bradford.
  • Commenters must attach their name to their comment. No anonymous comments will be posted.
  • In addition, comments are subject to the provisions of WHS’s Acceptable Use Policy and violations are punishable as outlined in the Student Handbook.


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