March 23, 2019
  • Pop Culture

    A Star is Born: A raw story of life

    The 2018 film adaptation of “A Star is Born”, directed by Bradley Cooper, conveys the raw emotion of life, love, and passion, ultimately painting the beautiful story of successful ...
  • News

    Wellesley seeks solutions to global problems

    Inside the local efforts to combat consequences cited by climate studies The Earth — including Wellesley — will face drastically worsening conditions due to climate change. The Fourth National ...
  • News

    The Parking Situation

    For upperclassmen with cars, lack of parking is a common complaint, just like how little sleep you got or how hard your Psychology test was. Parking may seem like ...
  • Opinion

    Grammar Segment: Commas

    In The Bradford‘s first grammar segment, Zoe Gieger ’20 and Kate Waisel ’20 summarized basic comma rules and provided some tips on how to properly use commas.



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