October 23, 2020

From the lens of international relations

January 29, 2015

Initially, I didn’t hear about Charlie Hebdo until a day after it happened. Even then, I heard spotty coverage and wasn’t completely sure what happened. When I researched

Bradford Hot Chocolate

January 28, 2015

Makes about 3 servings Ingredients: ¾ cup of semi sweet chocolate chips ¼ cup of sugar ¼ cup of water dash of salt 2 1/2 cups of milk

A hit close to home

January 28, 2015

Ever since the attack on the Charlie Hebdo satirical newspaper in Paris, journalists around the world have been debating the difference between freedom of speech and simply offending

Five things to do on your snow day

January 27, 2015

Living in New England, Wellesleyites have become accustomed to extreme snow conditions such as those experienced today. The best part of one of these blizzards is getting to

Freedom of respect

January 26, 2015

The terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo is a cause for concern for people of all religions. The world wide press is mainly focused on the terrorist attack on

Hebdo’s request

January 23, 2015

The images and words printed by Charlie Hebdo can be viewed as offensive, maybe disturbing, immoral, horrifying even, and this is exactly why they are printed. Charlie Hebdo

“Trivia Crack” is coming to life

January 21, 2015

Have you indulged in the newest game craze, aptly named (“Trivia Crack”) more than you would care to admit?  If you are like the vast majority of high

Je suis juste moi

January 18, 2015

As a Muslim living in America, I am offended by having to defend others’ right to offend my beliefs.  Especially in the past few months, I feel like

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