Have you indulged in the newest game craze, aptly named (“Trivia Crack”) more than you would care to admit?  If you are like the vast majority of high school students, this is probably the case. For those students, the sophomore class has a treat for you: the game is being brought to life in the cafeteria on January 22 after school.

The game will feature a spinning wheel atop multiple separate categories.  The class officers will ask a question that correlates with the chosen category, and each team will have fifteen seconds to write its answer on a whiteboard.  Correct answers result in points, and the team with the most points wins the game.

Class President Tony Shu ’15 is keenly aware of the Trivia Crack phenomenon:  “The motivation for the event was the overwhelming popularity of Trivia Crack.  Whether at home, during lunch, or even during classes, it seems like everyone is playing it!  So of course, we wanted to reach all different kinds of demographics with our events.”

Fortunately, the event will not be the last of its kind.  Multiple sophomore class officers expressed an interest in striving to conceive new experiences and ways to have fun with the class of 2017. Secretary Jack McKenna ’17 said, “I definitely see more events like this in the future because people love to challenge one another and take a break from studying and other activities, especially if there is a great prize involved.“

Adults in every occupation, from parents to teachers, urge students to withdraw from video games and experience life. The youth retort that adults do not understand their generation and should stop living in the past. Maybe the Sophomore class officers have finally found a compromise between the two sides?  At the very least, it should be a terrific event.

(Alex Doe ’16, News Editor)


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