February 21, 2018





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The Bradford’s Tweets

  • Wellesley wins the 130th Thanksgiving game 23-20!
  • Moore catches a pass on 4th down in the red zone for a touchdown and the Raider go back up 23-20 after the two point conversion is good.
  • Needham connects on another 60 yard touchdown and take the lead 20-15 with 4:43 left in the third quarter after the extra point is good.
  • With 18 seconds left in the half, Needham converts on a sixty yard Hail Mary attempt to shorten Wellesley's lead to… https://t.co/4Jdca9Okjl
  • Wellesley's Shiloh white takes a five yard run in for a touchdown and the Raiders add the extra point to extend their lead to 15-6.