Mobiquity Innovation Challenge Underway

Courtesy of Mobiquity Inc.,

Olivia Gieger ’17

Staff Writer


This March, Mobiquity, Inc. kicked off the start of a month long problem-solving challenge that, for winners, will result in an internship at the Wellesley-based technology company.

The Mobiquity Innovation Challenge dares students to form diverse teams, identify a problem, and then solve it.  These problems include reducing student…

The Wondrous World Of Harry Potter Hits Wellesley

Wellesley College

Celia Golod ’17

Staff Writer


Interested in Harry Potter or the Renaissance? If so, Wellesley College’s latest exhibit might interest you. The Harry Potter World of Science exhibit is open to the general public from 8:15 am to 6:00pm through April 19th at Wellesley College Science Center’s library.

While small, the exhibit is loaded…

Less tech, more talk at the dinner table

Sophie Scott '14

Sophie Scott ’14

News Editor


Walk in to nearly any restaurant, and you are bound to see a child on a tablet or smart phone as a family enjoys dinner. As we have become a more tech centric society, face-to-face interactions have taken a nosedive, and the effects are expected to be detrimental. Family…

Shima Khan Shares a Novel Perspective on Teaching English

Ms. Khan

Noor Pirani ’15

Features Editor


At a young age, Ms. Shima Khan knew she wanted to pursue teaching when she was older. Although she was an avid reader and writer, she did not expect to teach English. Khan credits her grandmother for fostering a love of teaching within her and helping her to recognize…

Reemerging fears in Iraq

US Marine in Fallujah, c. 2008

Tommy Harding ’14



When American and British forces began the Second Battle of Fallujah in November of 2004, codenamed “Operation Phantom Fury,” the ensuing conflict left the Iraqi city on the doorstep of Baghdad near ruins. The battle wound up being the costliest of the entire war, leaving 95 Americans dead and 560…

Browse and Buy at Wellesley Free Library Book Sale

Noor Pirani ’15

Features Editor


The Friends of the Wellesley Free Libraries (FWFL) is holding a winter book sale from Thursday, February 6 to Sunday, February 9.  According to their website, the FWFL, “are dedicated to enhancing the quality of our Library by providing materials, services, and programming not funded by the library budget.”…

Poor Winners, Sore Losers


Jonathan Stepakoff ’14



Just minutes after making a game saving play in the end zone to win the NFC Championship Game, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman was fired up. “I’m the best corner in the game,” he said in a post-game interview. “When you try me with a sorry receiver…

Wellesley sends record numbers to Senior District Festival

Matthew Hornung ’16

Staff Writer

On November 25, students here at the high school had the opportunity to play in the Massachusetts Music Educators’ Association (MMEA) Eastern District Senior Festival.  Held at Boston Latin High School (BLHS), the festival consisted of a band, orchestra, chorus, and jazz band, each made up of the top high…

Wellesley Food Pantry: The Product of Communal Support


Taylor Donahue ’14

Executive Manager

As the holiday season provides a time for family and friends to reunite and appreciate their good fortunes, it also serves as a reminder of those who are less fortunate. To allow the community to give back to the 230 Wellesley families that rely on the Wellesley Food Pantry, the…

Does Your Country Fight For You?

Merrill Newman, 86. (Photo Courtesy of The Washington Post)

Grace Huddleston ’15

Photography Editor

Veterans are held in our society as great American heroes, brave men and women who cast off their immense fear and choose to go into battle with heads held high in order to protect the values of America. These people sacrifice their families, jobs, and even their…

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