Tiny jellyfish (and an exit sign) glow. 

If you find yourself bored, lounging in bed (perhaps doom-scrolling on TikTok), and wholly uninspired by life, I have an idea for you. Go to the aquarium. Yep, the aquarium. Take the commuter rail into South Station, walk for 10 minutes, and you’ve arrived. Buy a half-off ticket using a Wellesley Free Library Pass and make a beeline for the Manta Ray touch tank. And yes, it’s probable that you’ll find yourself surrounded by eight-year-olds and their grandmas, but maybe that’s part of the fun. 

A giant fish sneaks a sly glance at an observer. 

Soon you’ll be spending half the time observing animals — their behavior and appearance — and the other half observing people. If you’re lucky, you’ll see a sea lion jump through a hoop held by a wet-suited, bearded man. You’ll think about how much he resembles the creatures swimming around him. You may see tiny jellyfish with pulses of electricity running through their tentacles, and maybe a couple of eighth graders on a first date. It will surely be an experience. 

A Stonefish stares back. 

I can’t promise glamour or grandiosity, but you’ll certainly be absorbed by the Stonefish, and the awestruck six-year-olds with their palms pressed against the glass. It will be a funny little outing, one that you could go on with an old friend or your little sibling. And you may be disappointed by the “under construction” shark exhibit or the lack of clear signage. But, it will be fun — and, you’ll no longer be stuck in bed searching up college acceptance rates or perusing Snap Map out of boredom.

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