Below is collection of various artwork from Drawing and Painting students at the high school.

Bobbi Rockett ’22 (When I Look at You)

Ana Mihal ’22 (Webcam)

Caroline Kellett ’21 (Paper Ocean)

Lily DeOliveira ’21 (Street Side) (Seeing Through New Eyes)

David Fils-Aime ’22 (1430-9”)

Sarah Dobbie ’21 (Strange Cases) (Here To Pick Up Your Heart (Or Leg)) (Lost In Time)

Caroline Early ’21(Silent Mind)

Katija Wagner ’21(Where Are You)

Kristine Peters ’21 (Piggy)

Gemma Chatham ’21 (I Forgot, Remember to Forgive?)

Samantha Lee ’21 (Tinted) ([Stop Video])

Camilla Hanson ’21 (Muse) (Unavailable)

Lauren Hazzard ’22 (Artist Block) (Bicycle)

Catie Hillmer ’24 (Graphic Eyes)

Cayden Xia ’24 (Graphic Eyes)

Julia Anderson ’24 (Colored Pencil Piece)

Chris Brooks ’24 (Graphic Eyes)

Victoria Gorman ’23 (Colored Pencil Piece) (Graphic Eyes)

Taryn Lane ’22 (Graphic Eyes)

Anna Collomb ’24 (Graphic Eyes)

Lucy Ramsden ’23 (Graphic Eyes) (Colored Pencil Piece)

Clementine Zei ’24 (Graphic Eyes)

Nils Tellander ’24 (Graphic Eyes)

Kyra Javier ’24 (Graphic Eyes)

Conor Donahue ’24 (Colored Pencil Piece) (Graphic Eyes)

Sophie Balter ’24 (Graphic Eyes)

Matilda Martinian ’24 (Colored Pencil Piece) (Graphic Eyes)

Mayan Chen ’24 (Colored Pencil Piece)

Audrey Garen ’24 (Graphic Eyes)

Audrey Fitzpatrick ’24 (Graphic Eyes)

Arielle Wember ’24 (Colored Pencil Piece) (Graphic Eyes)

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