Around the town of Wellesley, multicolored sparkly holiday lights twinkle from lampposts, trees, and places of business as early as the week before Thanksgiving, reminding residents that the holidays are quickly approaching.

Although residents of Wellesley have the freedom to choose the timing of hanging up their lights or candles or neither in their own homes, everyone sees the lights hung up by the town in Linden Square and along Washington Street, and the controversial question arises: when is the appropriate time to hang up these lights?

Spreading holiday joy is a great tradition, and the warmth of the sparkly lights adds a cheerfulness to the cold and long December nights that lead up to winter break. But, with regards to the chronology of the holiday season, some may argue that the stringing of holiday lights before December is an effort to overlook Thanksgiving and focus more heavily on excitement for Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa, even before Thanksgiving passes.

Since the lights have been strung about town a bit earlier than usual this year, and everyone is dealing with holiday excitement of all kinds being thrust at them from every angle as Thanksgiving approaches.

With the entire month of December devoted to winter holiday rituals, it would only be appropriate that the lights strung around Wellesley be put up on December 1, not during the middle of November when it is prime Thanksgiving-excitement time.

If given the enough time to devote to the excitement of Thanksgiving without thoughts of Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa clouding their minds, residents of Wellesley will respond extremely well to the lights being hung up at the beginning of December. Once the Thanksgiving chaos has died down and people are ready to devote all of their enthusiasm towards winter holidays, Wellesley will be completely prepared to celebrate.


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