In the spirit of the holiday, I have considered all obvious Thanksgiving foods and ranked them according to greatness. See below for an as-accurate-as-can-be list of the elements of Thanksgiving dinner!

8) Vegetables – It’s nice to have some healthy options, but that is not what this holiday is really about.

7) Cranberry sauce – While the cranberry sauce is a nice festive color, it is more of a decoration than an actual Thanksgiving staple.

6) Cornbread – A great side dish, the cornbread often goes ignored at Thanksgiving dinner, but it is quite necessary if you are striving for a well-rounded feast.

5) Turkey – The center of Thanksgiving dinner is always the turkey, but all of the pressure around perfecting this dish can often lead to mistakes.

4) Mashed potatoes – Everyone loves them, no matter if they are sweet potato or regular. An undeniable crowd-pleaser.

3) Pie – Apple, pecan, pumpkin, who cares? Most important Thanksgiving dessert by far.

2) Gravy – Gravy is both the MVP and the band-aid of Thanksgiving foods, able to fix a dry turkey or bland mashed potatoes with just a splash.

1)Stuffing – Signature to this holiday, stuffing is absolutely essential to the success of a Thanksgiving dinner. With great stuffing, all other foods seem to taste better, and you will have a fantastic leftover sandwich to look forward to the next day.


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