Coached by Mr. Matt Dugan and led by captains Olivia Kisiday ‘17 and Lindsay Canaday ‘17, the 2016 girls varsity volleyball team has been working very hard this season.

Although the team mostly consists of less experienced players, the team has “great chemistry on and off the court,” said Kisiday.

Volleyball is a sport in which teamwork is a large factor, and captain Canaday revealed that, “Two things that I think are most important for team success are communication and a good team dynamic on the court.”

“A volleyball match cannot be won by a single person,” said Dugan. Since the team has several new members, everyone has a part to play, and every player plays a crucial role in each match. In order to win, “the whole team has to play together,” says Dugan.

“Our team this year is made up of generally less experienced players, so our practices focus more on the fundamentals of skill and technique than strategy,” Canaday said, referring to how practices differ from last year.

Even if the team members have changed, Dugan says that there are positive qualities in having younger girls. “The girls on varsity will have time to play in the system for more than a year. We have a young group of girls, but in the match play, it doesn’t show that,” he said.

During practice and matches, the girls have quality teamwork, but even off the court, the girls have a good relationship.

The captains play an important role and help foster a community within the program. “They are voted by their teammates so it means a lot to the girls,” said Dugan. When asked what they wanted their fellow teammates to remember after they left, Canaday said: “Your last season will go by faster than you expect. Don’t take that for granted!” “Practice every day as if it were a game,” said Kisiday

Canaday and Kisiday will continue playing volleyball in either a club or intramural during college.


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