The high school boys Golf team has been on a major winning streak this year. Since the beginning of the season, Wellesley has lead the division. According to coach Mr. Ken Bateman and fellow teammate Harry Culhane ‘18; the streak the team is on has been heavily influenced by team captain Harry Grosso ‘18.  

Grosso is a leader. Bateman immediately identified the environment he creates for the other players on the team, “Every day he shows his leadership, his demeanor allows the other player to relax and play better.”

Culhane was passionate about Grosso as well, describing how Grosso never left any teammates behind. “He never fails to take a younger players under his wing, you can see that especially with the freshman on the team who he really made feel a part of the team,” he said.

Culhane went on about Harry’s ability to create a sense of friendly competition amongst teammates: “What makes him special is when he has a good round others want too, and it really brings the team to a whole new level.”

Grosso’s game helps too: “He is one of our best golfers. He usually takes the best round, and has great skills in course management,” Bateman said.  Culhane also commended his talent, labeling him “one of the best golfer’s on the team.”

Grosso maturity is also a intrical part of what makes him a good player. Bateman described him as an amazing role model for the other players, noting his spectacular sportsmanship: “He always conducts himself in a proper and enthusiastic way; he always is the first one to shake the other coaches hand.”

Culhane noted his maturity as a defining factor too, mentioning how despite Grosso’s young age he was able to obtain the role of junior captain: “I think it would have to be the fact he was able to achieve Junior captain which is a big feat… he’s one of the people who can do it.”  

Even the way in which Grosso envisions himself makes his maturity apparent: “My ability to press forward, I’m always moving forward despite what’s happening in the game.” Grosso has an ability to separate himself from the game in order to succeed, an ability which even few pro golfers can master.

Grosso started playing at a young age on the dusty dunes of the cape. “Golf is my favorite sport, I love it everytime I tee it up, it’s always a good time,” he said. But most important of all, Grosso puts his family and friends first, because they are the reason he plays: “My favorite memory would have to be winning the 2016 Country Club of New Seabury club championship in front of friends and family watching,” he said.


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