Wellesley’s Chief of Police Terrence Cunningham announced his retirement from the Wellesley Police Department after serving as Chief for 17 years. He will assume the role of Deputy Executive Director at the International Association of Chiefs of Police, where he completed his term as President for the past year and is 17 year active member.

“The decision was a difficult one. Wellesley has been my home for the majority of my life and I wear the Wellesley uniform with a great sense of pride,” Cunningham said in a personal announcement online.

“Serving the citizens of Wellesley in this noble profession has been a true honor. The brave men and women that I have had the pleasure to serve alongside represent the best of the profession. Their commitment to Wellesley, to safeguarding the public, and to the job is unwavering,” he said. “The past and present officers of the Wellesley Police Department have touched my life, and their extraordinary service and commitment will be with me always,” he said.

Cunningham, a Wellesley resident, has been a police officer in Wellesley for 30 years. With his new role in the IACP, he will continue leading the organization alongside the Executive Director.

Wellesley School Resource Officer Evan Rosenberg praised Cunningham’s contributions to other officers and the town. “I have been honored to serve as a Wellesley Police officer under the leadership of Chief Cunningham… In my opinion, he set the bar high for all of the officers that serve the community and I personally believe that I am a better police officer because of his leadership,” Rosenberg said. “I wish my boss the best of luck in his new job as Deputy Executive Director for the IACP.


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