Students at the high school are lucky to be able to interact and learn from caring and resourceful teachers. Fortunately, they have Mrs. Mahshid Pourmand. 

When Pourmand was a student, she had to fend for herself and learn things without the help of amiable teachers. 

“A lot of the things I had to learn on my own. It wasn’t explained to me when I was a student, so it was taken as a granted that the student had to know or find out on their own,” said Pourmand.  

As a physics teacher, Pourmand tries to be extra careful and thorough with her efforts to help students.

 “I’m trying to deliver those things to my students. I’m trying to explain it more to the students and make it more clear so that they understand better,” said Pourmand.

Pourmand doesn’t want her students to feel neglected. Now, she is calling upon her own experiences as a student, as well as her time studying at Boston University, to help her connect with her students more. 

“Dealing with students from different backgrounds, so attending to every student’s knowledge, that was something I really learned from BU. I always encourage students to be better, to put more effort. I encourage them to find their way,” said Pourmand. 

Pourmand’s skill and mindfulness have been noticed by her students. 

“I think Ms. Pourmand is a good teacher,” said Garrett Dobos ’23. “She always takes the time to make sure we understand the more difficult concepts. She is always telling us to ask her questions if we don’t get it, and she constantly checks if we understand. She’s a lot better than other teachers.” 

Crafting a style of teaching that appeals to and cares for students is no easy task, nevertheless, Pourmand is putting her forward her best effort.


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