Mr. Kevin Tan, a new face in the high school English department, is also a newcomer to teaching in the 02481 zip code. Although he is new to the school, Tan has taught for four years, mostly in urban areas. 

“I am incredibly focused on developing student voice,” Tan said. He teaches ACP English to freshman and sophomores and believes that the beginning of high school is an important time in students’ lives, when “[the students] should learn how to voice their opinions.” Tan values the idea of self-reflection and focuses on helping students “find themselves.”

Tucker DeLollis ’22, one of Tan’s students, said, “He assigned a project that was totally opinion-based, and we could write about whatever we wanted. That helped me define my voice.”

Tan is a huge advocate for teaching Shakespeare’s works because “his elements, characters, and tropes carry over into essentially every form of media and story-telling” that is relevant today, Tan said.

In his free time, Tan enjoys and appreciates playing video games since they “offer a unique perspective and ability to tell a story that is truly shaped by the player.” He also likes reading fantasy, including his favorite book series “Lord of the Rings.”

In the short time Tan has worked at the high school, he feels very welcomed by the Wellesley community. “I get up in the morning, and I really look forward to coming into work. I’m excited about being a part of this community,” Tan said.


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