The boys soccer team’s record includes four wins, four losses, and three draws as of October 17. They are currently fighting for a spot in the State Tournament. The team, led by coach Tim Mason and captains Will Corkhill ’18, Cooper Richards ’17, Brennan Conroy ’17, looks to rebound from a tough start to the season.

The schedule featuring several large stretches with no games has not helped the team’s record.

“The way the schedule works out, we play the bigger and better teams in the first half of the season. The games at the end of our schedule are against some of the smaller schools, and that will help us in the second half of the season,” said Mason.

Last season, the team found themselves in a similar position. The team needed to win the majority of their games in the latter half of their season to make the playoffs and stay alive. Luckily, they played their best when it mattered the most and not only made the tournament, but won several games in a deep run as well.

After losing nine seniors from last year’s team, this year’s roster features eight sophomores and only six seniors, so they lack experience.

“Our youth is our greatest strength, and will help us in the seasons to come; however, our youth is also our greatest weakness because we lack experience,” said Mason.

Mason looks to add leadership skills to his program by making the effort to name a junior as a captain each season. This year, Mason chose Corkhill as the current and future leader of the team.

“My favorite part of being on the team is looking forward to practices after school and hanging out with everyone,” said Corkhill.

Corkhill also sees great potential in the team’s youth and strong core of sophomores. “ I think that  [starting goalie] Anders Pineau ’19 will become a strong leader in the next few seasons,” said Corkhill.  

As for this season, Mason and Corkhill both agree that the highlight of this season thus far came in their victory over Bay State Conference rivals Natick.

“The win at Natick has been the highlight of the season. In the practice before we played Natick, the boys were in control of practice for the first hour and then we had a team meeting to discuss what we needed to do against Natick. The boys gave me their best performance of the season the next afternoon,” said Mason.


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