Interested in authentic French pastries, historical sites, and famous artwork?

During April break of 2016, the Art Department will be taking thirty six students to France to see some of the greatest art in the world in person. They will be touring locations including Paris, Giverny, Rouen, Mont Saint Michel, Normandy, Caen, Pont du Hoc, and the Loire Valley.

France is an artistic hotspot, with museums like the Louvre featuring artworks such as the Mona Lisa, the Winged Victory at Samothrace, and the Venus de Milo. It is also the birthplace of ballet and home to architectural masterpieces.

Highlights of the trip include the world famous Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, Palace of Versailles, Place du Vieux-Marche, the Bayeux Tapestry, and Chateau de Chambord.

Mr. Thom Carter, Art Department head, said the trip offered “the best experience in high school and memories of a life time. Just ask students who went this year.”

This past April break, Carter, Mr. Brian Reddy, Ms. Shayla Vines, Ms. Jessica Lau, Mr. Marc Bender, and Mr. Doug Johnson took students to Morocco and Spain. Nadine Richardson ’17, a Drawing and Painting student, enjoyed the cultural novelty of the trip. “My favorite part of the trip was getting a chance to get away from the stress of school and home to explore art and culture. I don’t often have time for visual arts but to have ten days full of art is just a great experience,” she said.

The students visited sites such as the Museo del Prado in Spain and the city of Fes, widely considered the cultural capital of Morocco. They also experienced the Seville Fair in Spain, which featured flamenco dresses and horse drawn carriages. In Morocco, they visited several traditional markets, which featured snake charmers, monkey trainers, and henna tattooists.

“Because we visited so many architectural attractions, I was exposed to the various styles of architecture and design that was used throughout both Morocco and Spain,” said Selena Zhang ’18. “The art trip also provided me with the chance to experience cultures that my family may never find the time to visit.”

Most of all, the art trips provide an experience like none other, by bringing students into a real-world cultural atmosphere. “I think it is important to learn about and appreciate different culture around the world, and there is no better method than emersion,” said Richardson.

(Christie Yu ’18, Arts Editor)


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