October 26, 2020

AOM: Alex Hermacinski – capturing talent

November 28, 2015

Alex Hermacinski ’16 has been taking photography classes since her middle school years, and it has paid off. Recently, Hermacinski’s artwork was exhibited in the International Somerville Toy

OPINION: The need for depth over breadth

November 24, 2015

“High schoolers are really jacks of all trade, masters of none, ” Shamus Miller ’17 recently observed to me. Miller’s remark could not have seemed more accurate to

Canvas introduced as learning management system

November 23, 2015

For the first time in Wellesley history, teachers can use a “Learning Management System”, or “LMS”, called Canvas. This platform features an assignment calendar, discussion boards, announcements page,

No place like home for Claiborne

November 22, 2015

Do you ever watch NFL games and wonder where these fantastic athletes come from? What their backgrounds are? When you think of hotbeds for NFL talent, Wellesley, MA

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