With an opening show on November 12, singers, dancers, and actors alike took the high school auditorium’s stage to perform the popular musical Grease. This fall musical featured two casts of equal skill level. One cast was named Pink, after the “Pink Ladies” friend group in the show, and the other cast was named after the “Burger Palace Boys,” the leather-clad group in the show.

Cast members of Grease say that a key to performing this show is the energy involved in all facets of the production.

“My favorite part of the show was the number ‘Greased Lightning.’ The high energy of everyone on stage made it unforgettable,” said Cam Ayer ’18, who played Danny Zuko in the Burger cast.

Members of the cast say that rehearsing together before the show helped them come together and perform the best show possible.

“The energy was really high and I feel like with every show we grow closer as a cast and closer as friends,” said Lexie Lehmann ’16, who played Ms. Lynch in the Pink cast. “It’s surreal when you’re working on something three hours everyday and finally come together.”

The cast spent every afternoon in the week leading up to the show rehearsing as a part of “Tech Week” as they got ready to take the stage.

“The days leading up to the shows really bring us together as a cast and make us proud of our hard work,” said Lizzie Mears ’16, who played Sandy in the Pink cast. “Getting to perform is just the icing on the cake.”

Cast members cite the strong bonds they formed with each other as a highlight of the process.

“The cast and crew were all amazing and so hard working. Working with all of them was such a blast for the past 2 months,” said Anand Ghorpadey ’17, who played Doody in the Burger cast.

Members of the cast say they were pleased with their decision to take part in the show.

“It was the best decision I have made so far in high school,” said Emma Downie ’18, who played Rizzo in the Pink cast. “The cast and crew are such a wonderful group of people and just remind you how lucky you are to be a part of such a special community. These are people who I have become incredibly close with and couldn’t be luckier to spend my last two months with.”

The production of Grease seemed to create a lasting impression on the cast members, many of whom say they vow to appear in future shows at the high school.

“I am proud to say that this is my most memorable show I have ever done,” said Jake Diozzi ’18, who played Roger in the Burger cast. “I loved working with the WHS performing arts team and Mr. Wrobleski, and I have many, many intentions of returning for the next fall musical.”

(Matt Lieberman ’16, Editor-in-Chief and Zach Miller ’17, Features Editor)


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