Christina Lohr Ablon is a beautiful, strong, resilient, and independent woman. As a little girl, she lived in Darien, Connecticut. By age 11, her family moved to Paris, France for her father’s job. There, she experienced the culture and was influenced by a different cast of people than those back home. She attended the American School of Paris in Saint Cloud, enjoyed going to the market with her mother, and most of all, traveling around Europe. 

Ablon has two siblings, an older brother Bill, and a sister named Thyrza who passed away. After Thyrza’s passing, Ablon’s look on life severely changed. From then on, she’s had a glass-half full outlook, and she continues to emulate that attitude to everyone around her. 

Ablon’s mother, Christina Vedder Lohr “Tina,” was strong and beautiful. She taught Ablon how to be gracious, as she was a very elegant and poised woman. Lohr was also bright and beautiful, bringing light to every room she entered until she passed from cancer when Ablon was in her 20s. Ablon lives out her name every day, spreading the energy and love she embodied when she was still living. 

Regardless of the heartbreak Ablon experienced, she strives to make every day exciting and memorable. She loves playing tennis, a sport that fuels her and makes her happy. She works at Jane Does Well, a nonprofit organization for divorced women. She goes into each day with a selfless attitude, wanting to help all who may be struggling. She shows women the strength they may never have known they had. Her own perseverance serves as an example to those who need support or may be at a loss for peace. 

Going back into the workforce has been a difficult, however rewarding experience for Ablon. The consideration she puts into each task makes her work extremely valuable. Ablon’s life’s experiences have taught her she can do anything, as long as she’s passionate about it. She has always taught me to never say “I can’t.” This may be her number one pet peeve, as she knows the solution to reaching success is not giving up before even starting. Each day, she reminds me of my capabilities and most importantly, inspires me to be the best version of myself. 

Q: Do you think your time in Paris was well spent? 

A: It was a pivotal moment in my life. The five years I was there helped shape the person that I am today and helped to shape who I was as a developing teenager. It created my view on the world, with new perspectives. Learning a new city and being in the culture with my mother and experiencing that with her was truly outstanding.

Q: Can you describe your mother? What did she teach you?

A: She worked at IBM prior to marrying my father, was involved with local politics, was a part of the organization, “Daughters of the American Revolution,” and was interested in genealogy. She was very social, and loved playing tennis with her friends.

She was very bright and extremely artistic. She had a tremendous flair for fashion, and she taught me things associated with that. She was an entertainer, she enjoyed hosting parties. I didn’t get to know my mom as a young adult, however, so there are a lot of things I did not get to learn from her.

Q: What is your motivation in your job? 

A: To help other people, and support women who have gone through or are going through divorce. It’s one of the hardest things I’ve had to go through, so I find joy and peace in helping those who feel the same. Working with an attorney and a financial advisor alone, without much support is very hard for women out there, so being there as an extra friendly smile is often what they are most thankful for. 

Q: What’s your favorite thing about your job? 

A: My favorite part of my job is helping other women and supporting them as they journey through. I love actually talking to the other women and making a difference by sharing my story and perspective, and sharing the resources we have to offer them.

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