Each September, the freshman class congregates in the auditorium to elect four officers that represent, unify, and plan activities for the class.

This year, after nearly an hour of speeches delivered by ambitious freshmen, the Class of 2020 decided on their four officers. The freshmen appointed Ryan Silverstein to be class president; Holt Fletcher to be vice president; Kelli Bhatt to be secretary; and James (Trip) Bennett to be treasurer.

Silverstein is faced with the task of living up to his sister’s accomplishments as a class officer. Abby Silverstein ’18, is currently the Junior Class President, and has successfully hosted several events for the Class of 2018.

Despite their inexperience, the new class officers are already planning several events to unify their class.

“One of my main goals for this year is for everyone in our class to be involved in what we are trying to do, whether that is by volunteering to help or just participating in the events we plan. My fellow officers and I want to get everyone involved,” said Fletcher.

One of the biggest challenges facing the new officers is that they need to plan events with a limited cash supply.

Bhatt already has some ideas for class events that don’t require substantial funding, including a class breakfast and a picnic. Silverstein also has interesting event ideas for his class including a flag football tournament, a basketball tournament, and a talent show.

These events will raise funds that will go towards funding the end of year semi-formal dance. Typically, the freshman class hosts their semi-formal in the high school cafeteria in the beginning of May, and the success of the dance depends on how well the officers raise money throughout the school year.

The class officers, however, knew they were up for a challenge when they decided to run for class office, and their individual strengths will help them fundraise and host entertaining events.

“One of the biggest strengths I have that I hope will make me a good class officer is that I put all my effort into everything I do, so I would put all my effort into working for our class. I also work well with others, and it’s important to have that skill when you have to work with three other people, plus take in suggestions from your class,” said Silverstein.

Fletcher possesses individual abilities that will aid him in his tenure as a class officer “I think my ability to interact with lots of people will really benefit me as a class officer. Over the years, I have built relationships with many people in our class, and relying on those relationships will help me be the best officer I can be,” he said.


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