October 26, 2020

High school singers take on a big stage

December 21, 2018

On December 29 and 30, the high school’s Keynote and Rice Street singers will take a stage coveted by many. Many performers wait their entire lives before even

Hatred knows no boundaries

November 6, 2018

Why does nothing shock me anymore? Racism, sexism, anti-semitism? Why are these things still so prevalent in a society full of people who have been educated about the

One Acts: The tradition carries on

December 15, 2016

Of all the traditions at the high school, the annual one-acts festival holds a special significance to the performing arts community. They will take place on December 15

October: The month of killer clowns

November 3, 2016

While it might sound like a scene from a horror movie, sightings of killer clowns plague the country during the month of October. The first sightings were scattered

The real incident is ignorance

October 21, 2016

Racism has been prominent in the United States since the founding of our country. It is a part of our history that we can’t deny. Even harder to

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