This past April break, 25 students and four chaperones took a 16 hour flight to India for an art trip, where they would spend two weeks exploring five different cities. The students visited Delhi, Agra, Jodhpur, Jaipur, and Udaipur. They spent their days exploring local markets, temples, mosques, and city centers, where they got the opportunity to interact with the local people, children, and animals, taking many pictures along the way! Here, students shared their experiences and favorite moments from the trip. Photos from the trip are courtesy of Lizzy Bellon and Evie Duffy.

Andrew Tucker ’17: My favorite part of the trip was the the Mughal fort looking out over the blue city, because it was an extremely majestic view that we don’t get the chance to see here in Massachusetts because of all the high rises and cities.

Lily Harmon ’20: I really liked exploring the local markets. I also enjoyed going to a to a local village and seeing how they farmed their fields and cared for their cattle.

Emily Conners ’18: My favorite part about the India trip were the people. All of them were so happy, and excited to interact with us, and it really made us all feel welcome!

Sinclair Vandervoort ’17: My favorite part of the trip were the temples, mosques, and places of worship we visited. The cities were all rather loud and somewhat chaotic (in a good way) – but the temples all had this supreme peace and stillness about them amidst the chaos. It was really moving, actually, and I’m not a very spiritual person.

Cailey Mitchell ’17: My favorite part of the trip was seeing the intricate art and intense patterns everywhere. Also, this trip was really meaningful to me because I learned more about myself as an artist, and had so many great once and a lifetime experiences.

Annie Ward ’19: One of my favorite things on the trip was all the animals! I thought it was so cool how the cows and dogs and pigs and cats and monkeys all coexisted with all the people. People would swerve around cows on the street like it was no big deal. Of course also how friendly (most) of the animals were and how comfortable the cows were with people and the cat at the monsoon palace!

Regis Price ’18: Interacting with the natives was my favorite part of the trip. I was able to share endless waves and smiles with children and adults as we drove through back streets and main highways. The amount of joy that little kids got from seeing us wave at them made me so happy. I will always remember how welcomed we were and how well we were treated there. Saying ‘namaste’ to someone on the street or our hotel workers made me feel connected to them in some way.

Evie Duffy ’18: Monkeys!

Alex Ramsden ’18: My favorite thing about the trip to India were the markets we visited. It was so much fun to see all of the goods people were selling and to interact with the vendors. Haggling was super fun as well!



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