It’s that time of year again. The two powerhouses in the cell phone market, Apple and Samsung, have released their new designs and Apple is the brand to buy.

Apple has designed the iPhone 7, which is water resistant and features a new advanced camera. However, the iPhone 7 lacks the headphone jack, a key aspect to many consumers. Ever since the creation of the iPhone, Apple has included a headphone jack and ear buds. This year, however, the company sells new wireless earbuds separately.

I own an iPhone 6 and have not found myself using the earbuds as much as many people have. That said, I do believe its is an inconvenience to purchase separate wireless earbuds. Also, I find it bothersome that people will not be able to use their old headphones on the iPhone 7.

Aside from the missing headphone jack, I am quite pleased with what Apple has done to improve its camera and become water resistant. The water resistant feature allows you to take a dip and still keep the phone alive.

Samsung, has designed the Galaxy 7, which also has a improved camera, and a new feature named Now on Tap. No on Tap is new technology that anticipates your next move. However, the Galaxy 7 is losing faith in millions because of a defect which has caused some of these phones to burn when charging. This incident made Samsung recall roughly 2.5 million phones, causing a major loss in profit and a loss of faith in many, such as Matt Osborne ‘19, who said, “I wouldn’t buy it”.

I have lost faith as well, due to the danger the Galaxy 7 posses. Even though samsung is recalling the 2.5 Million Galaxy 7’s sold worldwide, I still would not purchase a Samsung phone because of this incident. Other than the fact this phone turns aflame, I believe it is a well rounded phone, like the iPhone 7, with stunning camera quality and water resistant exterior. Although the Galaxy 7 has everything the iPhone has, it catches fire, drawing away the urge for smartphone users to purchase their product. The fire hazard has lost my interest in purchasing the Galaxy 7, and turns me toward the iPhone.

Overall, both of these new phones are failing in one way or another, but in my opinion, I would rather purchase the iPhone. I would only becuase of the fact I cannot put my faith in a company with phones that have a history of fire hazards. These fires, in my opinion, have costed Samsung the integrity of their brand, turning myself and many others toward their rival, iPhone.


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