Calling all students: Red Ink Magazine is accepting all forms of student art, including writing, visual art, and music, for publication in their online magazine.

Founded in 2004 and most recently revived in 2014, Red Ink’s mission is “to provide a platform for Wellesley High School students to display their artwork within a comfortable, supportive setting, and promote the importance of the arts within our community,” said Editor Caterina Baffa ’17.

Red Ink accepts submissions at any time and publishes works on a weekly basis.

Along with fellow Editor Rachel Landau ’16 and faculty advisor Mr. Thomas Henes, Baffa leads an editorial team which “contributes a portal through which students can experiment and pass on their work, inspiring other in the process,” according to Gabby Clifford ’16, a staff member.

“Red Ink is a publication based upon the independence and creativity of those who submit,” said Baffa. “The artists themselves have the freedom to create their own work, according to their emotions and goals, and we just create an easily accessible means for sharing these beautiful works of art with the community.”

For Hannah Landau ’19, the best part about being a staff member for Red Ink is seeing the talent of the student body: “We get so many interesting submissions, like cool art pieces, short stories, and poetry. There are so many cool art pieces being made inside the high school as well as outside that no one gets to see!” she said.

As both a staff member and writer for Red Ink, Clifford appreciates the credit submitters receive for their work: “I have been able to see my work published for the first time on a platform where peers from school or even outside of Wellesley can view it.”

As for the future, positions, including Staff Reader, Art Correspondent, Manager, and Advertising Editor are open to students interested in furthering the promotion of student literature and art. “We love expanding the scope and reach of the art we share,” said Baffa.

(Christie Yu ’18, Arts Editor)


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