On October 17, the high school will take part in an active shooter training session. Students will first watch a video made last year that depicts the procedure when encountering an active shooter. Freshmen and transfer students will watch this video in the auditorium with additional support from the Wellesley Police Department, their advisors, and the administration, while the other grades will watch the video in their advisories.

The acronym ‘ALICE’ sums up the procedure depicted in the video. ‘ALICE’ stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate.

After watching the video, students will go to their tan block class, in which the drill will take place. The drill will consist of Dr. Jamie Chisum making an announcement to begin the drill, students and teachers reacting according to the training video, and then everyone evacuating once Chisum makes another announcement. After evacuating, all students will return to their advisories to discuss the drill.

For any students who do not want to participate in the drill: Students may stay home and alert the school of their absence as they would normally. Students may also come to school and, before the drill, meet a member of the guidance department at the front doors and walk away from the building and return once the drill is complete.

Another training will take place in the spring.


Schedule for October 17, 2018

Block 1  7:30 – 7:55 AM

Block 2  8:00 – 8:24 AM  Green

Block 3  8:29 – 8:53 AM  Orange

Block 4  8:58 – 9:22 AM  Tan

Block 5  9:27 – 9:51 AM  Purple

Block 6  9:56 – 10:20 AM Blue   Senior class meeting in auditorium at 10:10 AM

Advisory 10:25 – 10:35 AM

Return to Tan block 10:40 AM – drill

Advisory 11:10  – 11:30 AM Open Session

Armed Assailant Training

10:25 AM

  • Freshman  in the auditorium to view video and have a conversation with Officer Rosenberg and Sergeant Spencer
  • Sophomores, juniors and seniors in advisory to view video and have a conversation on the drill (leaving the backpacks in advisory)

10:40 AM

Students return to Tan block for the evacuation drill.  Teachers have a conversation about options to either evacuate or stay in place.

10:50 AM Dr. Chisum announces the drill, teachers evacuate or stay in place

10:55 AM Dr. Chisum asks remaining teachers and students to evacuate

11:10 AM Students return to the building and go directly to their advisory

Using the notecards, advisors ask their students:

  1. How was this experience different from last year’s?
  2. How did today’s drill make them feel?
  3. Did they have any questions or concerns?
  4. Advisors will review the cards and share the responses in advisory Thursday.


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