(Originally published May 29, 2018)

Leading up to this Spring, the Marvel media franchise tantalized fans with numerous trailers for Avengers: Infinity War, the ultimate conglomerate of Marvel Universe superheroes. Now that the wait is over, this highly rated film is leaving viewers wanting more.

Released Friday April 27, the newest installment of The Avengers franchise left fans nothing short of what the plentiful trailers promised– in fact, this film left the theater in shock by the cliffhanger of an ending.

Without any big spoilers, the basic plot of the movie involved villain Thanos attempting to acquire all of the “infinity stones.” The Avengers, along with their other Marvel Cinematic Universe pals, journey across the universe trying to stop him from destroying half of all life.

Marvel fan Mia Moore ’20 saw the film and had similarly positive reviews.

“I really enjoyed the movie because the film took many risks and showed the true power of many of the characters,” said Moore.

This Avengers movie had a different approach from any others before it, for this film pulled characters from many different non-Avenger Marvel Universe storylines such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, and Black Panther.

Emily Willrich ’20, who saw Infinity War on opening night, enjoyed this aspect of the film.

“It had way more characters and celebrities, and so it was extra dramatic– especially in the ending. I loved it,” said Willrich, “even as a non-Marvel person I would recommend.”

According to Pamela McClintock of The Hollywood Reporter, this new movie broke multiple box office income records. It holds the titles of Biggest Domestic, Superhero, and Worldwide Openings of All Time, as well as the Biggest Saturday and Sunday of All Time in North America, and Biggest Opening of All Time in numerous markets.

Adding to the stature of the movie is its budget: Avengers: Infinity War cost an estimated 316 million dollars to make, earning this the title of third most expensive movie ever made.

What many fans enjoyed about this film was the witty, and sometimes snarky, humor which was sprinkled throughout the film.

“I enjoyed the Easter eggs the filmmakers decided to place within the film, and the timing in which they did this was spot on,” said Moore.


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