(Originally published June 8, 2018)

“Property Brothers,” “Fixer Upper,” and “What Not to Wear” give reality TV watchers extreme makeovers of home and looks. Netflix’s 2018 reboot of the original 2003 series “Queer Eye” provides complete life makeovers for a few lucky men.

The original 2003 Bravo Queer Eye series lasted for four years before being terminated. With five new cast members, a location change to Atlanta, Georgia, and a network change, the show went through a makeover itself. The five cast members include Antoni Porowski on food, Karamo Brown on social interactions, Tan France on fashion, Bobby Berk on interior decor, and Jonathan Van Ness on hair.

The original Queer Eye had similar values in their makeovers of improving males’ confidence, but the reboot takes a more modern take on improving lives.

The show finds men who have been nominated by their friends or family for suffering physically, socially, and emotionally. After a week of hardships and emotional talks, the Fab Five create shocking life changes.

“I love the show because it is definitely the best makeover show I have ever watched. My favorite part is the big reveal at the end when the Fab Five compare the people before the week started, and after,” Kiley Chase ’20 said.

With five homosexual men walking into a heterosexual man’s life, the show completes the impossible: a life makeover where the man who’s seen as helpless can feel more confident in his own skin.

In the first episode of the rebooted series, the subject Tom Jackson captured the hearts of social media users with a heartwarming ending that includes a date with his long lasting love Abby. The Fab Five worked with Jackson to build his confidence and start a relationship. After the show was released, Jackson went to Twitter to announce his engagement and invite the Fab Five to plan his wedding.

“I really love how the show provides new insights. The show provides a great message and never disappoints with the fantastic makeovers. The makeovers are not only physical, but emotional, and I find that very empowering,” Grace Hone ’20 said.

The Fab Five station at the Fab Five Loft, and they attempt to create the best version of the men that they can be, without losing their true identity. The show provides an extra glimpse of hope to the men that they make over which helps them to live a life in a more respectable manner.

Although reality TV might be a guilty pleasure for many, “Queer Eye” teaches the viewers to share their best characteristics to the world. Even though the show gives the men makeovers, they make sure to teach them to stay confident and true to who they are before the transformation, by having emotional talks, that lead to the men embracing who they are.  


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