The disturbing conversation between a group of Wellesley High School students this summer shocked Wellesley residents, yet unified the town through a shared disgust in this display of racism.

As a Wellesley High School student, I was appalled that some of my peers, fellow students in my classes, could even think such cruel thoughts. I felt horrified and even ashamed at the fact that these people attend my school. Luckily, most students felt the same way, and I was able to seek comfort and discuss the incident with classmates when school began. I feel lucky that Wellesley had such a quick, supportive response to the event, and that the town unified instead of letting this come between us.

The racist incident that shook Wellesley this summer is sadly just one of countless discriminatory attacks occurring across the country. The comments that those students wrote echo the underlying racism rooted in American society today. The attacks that we hear about almost every day in the news exemplify the racism on a much larger scale, but the sentiments are the same.

As of now, there seems to be no end to this reign of racially charged violence in America. These attacks keep occurring, despite general disapproval. I believe that they will never stop, unless America unites and takes action. Just like Wellesley, this country needs to unify against these tragedies, not allow it to divide the nation. Wellesley responded to the attack with a focus on community support, allowing residents to voice their opinions in a community setting. Americans need to follow suit and find the strength to fight the issue together, without tearing each other apart.


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