The values that dictate school life should not be the same values that our country is run on. Schools reserve the right to restrict what students wear, influence what they eat in the cafeteria, and restrict their freedom of speech. These are powers that federal government should not have, and the government should have different values than the Wellesley Public School System.

These core values seem to support a political system where everyone gets paid equally, everyone lives in the same type of house, and the government constantly controls every aspect of your life.

That being said, even Democratic Presidential Nominee, Hillary Clinton, does not align with these idyllic core values of the school. The Patriot Post describes her as, “A vindictive old rich lady with a penchant for lying, alcohol problems, a philandering husband, and a tangled heap of corpses behind her.”

Due to the rampant and systematic corruption in Washington, people want an outsider in politics. Trump can bring new ideas to the table, and he likely will do a better job listening to the people than Clinton.

Those seeking “change” in American society will certainly not find it in Clinton. Clinton is a lifetime politician who has had her entire career to make change in the political setting. Most notably, America has already had a Clinton in office and that nearly ended in an impeachment.

The government should focus on improving the quality of life for the people already living in America before deciding to welcome others into this country to leech off of American welfare.

Illegal immigrants consume 103 billion dollars in welfare each year. This is money that could be easily spent on making college more affordable, giving hardworking Americans tax breaks, and giving welfare to Americans that need it. This welfare money is far better off going to a single parent struggling to raise their children or someone physically incapable of working.

As Donald Trump tells the American people exactly what is on his mind, he has made it clear that he is willing to fight back against radical Islamic terrorism. This will keep heinous human beings like the Islamic extremists that killed sixteen Americans in San Bernardino out of America.

On the other hand, Clinton’s immigration policy will make it easy for just about anyone to come into this country. As her website says, “Hillary will introduce comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to full and equal citizenship within her first 100 days in office.”

If you take a look at Trump’s tax plan on his website, he easily lays out his income tax plan and corporate tax plans with simple diagrams and charts. In contrast, I spent nearly an hour trying to find Hillary’s tax plan, which seems to be hidden from her website entirely.

Trump wants to significantly reduce the business tax from 35 percent to 15 percent. Diagrams from his website clearly display how much higher this current corporate tax is in comparison to other countries.

In lowering the corporate tax, Trump will bring jobs back to America, prevent companies from moving their headquarters and jobs overseas to avoid taxes, and businesses will make more money. As a result, American citizens will benefit from this economic growth and their companies will be able to pay them higher salaries.

Critics of Trump claim that he is too brash to become our next president, citing his ardent desire to build a wall and have Mexico pay for it. His willingness to speak his mind, however, is his greatest asset. America needs politicians to be upfront with their citizens and say exactly what they are thinking, like Trump does. America does not need another corrupt career politician who hides information from the public like Clinton did in her e-mail scandal.

Given the benefits that come alongside electing Trump in comparison with Hillary’s corruption and refusal to secure the American homefront and American economy, it is clear that he is more fit to occupy the White House. Electing Trump has the ability to make the lives of the average American better in a way that electing Clinton will not. Thus, Donald J. Trump should be the next president of the United States of America.  


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