Listening to 96.9 on the radio, Mr. Brian McDavitt drives his 30-minute route to the high school every day, anticipating what surprises students will bring. A first-year chemistry teacher, McDavitt came to the high school with high hopes that he would have good experiences.

“I was looking for a school that was similar to the one I taught at, which was Boston Latin. I came here to interview, and I was really impressed by the facilities because it’s a really nice school,” said McDavitt. 

He tries to include current events into his teachings in order to show his students the use of chemistry in the real world. In class, he has an assignment where students search for an article centered around chemistry currently in the news.

Recently, three scientists won the Nobel Peace Prize for studying how cells manage oxygen. McDavitt said he plans to tell his students about this in order to show them the importance of scientists today.       

Isabel Arts ’22, a student in McDavitt’s ACP chemistry class, said he is always eager to answer any questions that they may have. 

“He stays after school with us any time we need to understand a topic better,” said Arts. 

Although science is his main interest, McDavitt is also interested in participating in the school in other ways. He is going to coach track in the spring. Along with running, he enjoys hanging out with his friends, playing sports, and spending time with his cat. McDavitt believes that the east coast is his calling and has found a passion in teaching through the Boston and surrounding school systems.


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