It was a successful senior night for the Wellesley men’s soccer team, who dominated Milton 9-1 on Friday night in front of a crowd of thrilled Raiders fans at Hartwell-Rogers field at Babson College.

Ryan Clare ’18  and Will Corkhill ’18 produced fantastic games, both scoring 3 goals for the team, with Will Rosen ’18, Rayan Chaoui ’18, and Ryan Mohan ’18 all scoring their first varsity goals during senior night.

“The night game was a great experience”, said Anders Pineau ’19. “The spirit was great and we had a great turn out for fans which really boosted our energy and will to win when the game started.”

The attendance for the game was a season high for the Raiders, with hundreds making an appearance to support the Raiders in their win.

“Good win by the Raiders, I was proud of the fans, who really came out to the game to support their team on senior night”, said Noah Blake ’19, who came to the game in support for the Raiders.

The team was specifically proud of the performance of the seniors who got their first goals, specifically senior Ryan Chaoui.  

“I think it was a great night for our team,” said Corkhill. “Multiple kids scored their first career goals, the highlight being Rayan Chaoui scoring in his first game on senior night.”

When asked if the team would be interested in another night game in the future, Pineau had a definitive response.

“Most definitely. I hope that we will be able to have more night games in the future. I think it will really help our school spirit more, and it allows more kids to have the ability to be able to play a home night game with a crowd of fans which a lot of high schools don’t have the capability to do.”

Wellesley beat BC High to start round one of the playoffs and they play on the road at Weymouth at 2 pm today.



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