Appointee Position Role
Rex Tillerson: ExxonMobil CEO with experience negotiating with numerous countries for oil and gas, but no prior government experience. He has been criticized for his friendly relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Secretary of State; requires Senate confirmation Responsible for maintaining global relations throughout the world and carrying out Trump’s foreign policy agenda.
Steven Mnuchin: A former Goldman Sachs executive who served as Trump’s campaign finance chairman. He has done no prior work in government. Secretary of Treasury; requires Senate confirmation Tasked with fulfilling Trump’s

campaign promises including  implementing large tax cuts, changing foreign trade agreements, and investing in American infrastructure. He will also be responsible for  and placing or lifting sanctions on foreign nations.

Jeff Sessions: An Alabama Senator who is in favor of strict immigration enforcement and believes in tough-on-crime measures. He was denied a federal judgeship in 1986 because of racially insensitive comments and actions. Attorney General; requires Senate confirmation Nation’s top law-enforcement official, who will be tasked with executing Trump’s “law and order” platform.
James Mattis: A retired general who led the United States Central Command from 2010 to 2013. He believes the U.S. must take a stronger stance against adversaries like Iran. Secretary of Defense; requires Senate confirmation Tasked with managing the fight against ISIS. Will also be responsible for overseeing the military, including implementing initiatives such as placing women in combat roles and allowing transgender people to serve openly.
Rance Priebus: Chairman of Republican National Committee (RNC). Chief of Staff; Appointed Guides the president’s agenda and fosters connections with other politicians. Also directs the West  Wing staff.
Steve Bannon: An alt-right media executive who has come under fire for his alleged racist views. Chief Strategist; Appointed Trump described his role as equal with that of the Chief of Staff.
Michael Flynn: Former lieutenant in the army and former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency.    National Security Advisor; Appointed Oversees policy proposals from Pentagon, State Department, and other agencies.



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