Currently and in the future, you could spot Violet Zei with her earbuds plugged in, listening to her classical music, or Taylor Swift somewhere in the world, most likely in Japan in the future, chilling in a comfortable chair. You must be wondering, “How did we get here?” I’m going to explain right now. 

Violet Zei is currently eleven years old and lives in Wellesley Massachusetts, but moved from San Francisco California when she was six. 

Like a lot of people who are reading this article, Violet is a big Swifty and looks up to the global icon. 

“I feel like she is such a real person,” she said. 

While being a baker and a Swifty, she has to try out some of Swift’s recipes. 

“Her recipes are literally so good,” Violet said.

She even was able to experience seeing the worldwide sensation herself on stage during Swift’s Era’s Tour.

Keeping the topic of music, Zei also loves a wide variety of genres, such as pop music, classical, and even K-pop. 

“Overall I really like classical,” Violet said. “I feel like it’s always a good staple.” 

You could say she was practically born into classical music. 

“In my family, there was [always] a lot of classical music,” Violet said. 

She also plays the cello and the piano. She even used classical music to relax more during camp. 

“I can always go to bed with it,” Violet said. 

You could say that Zei is quite a traveler, afterall, she used to live in California and moved all the way across the US to get to Massachusetts. But if she were to live anywhere in the world, she would probably be living in Japan. 

“I feel like [I would live] in Japan but not exactly in Tokyo,” Violet said. “More like a place outside of Tokyo, but you could still go to Tokyo because I feel like the city is a little too much.” 

Violet loves the convenience of the city, and how she could walk to just about anywhere. 

“I like the vibe of the city,” Violet said. 

You can see right here that Violet Zei has a lot of interesting things about herself. You’ll have to wait and see how many things she can accomplish with all of her passions, and her great creativity.


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