During a free study period, Om Vijay could be found reading Harry Potter, admiring the characters and the adventure interlaced inside the plot line of each book.

Om Vijay is 12 years old in sixth grade, and goes to Wellesley Middle School.

Om enjoys having fun and doing or experiencing fun things. He was asked where he would travel if he could travel anywhere in the world.

“Probably Hawaii, because I like to go to the beach,” said Om.

Besides physically experiencing fun activities, he enjoys reading and has many favorite books that are often fun and exciting, and full of adventure.

“I like Harry Potter because it’s just really fun,” said Om.

Apart from doing things, he also has many people that he looks up to. He was asked what his biggest role model(s) were.

“Probably my parents,” said Om. “They help me with a lot of things [homework, for example],”. 

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