Despite being a newcomer to the high school, Officer Matthew Wall is no newcomer to the criminal justice system. 

After earning his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, Wall worked briefly as a paralegal for a civil law firm in Rhode Island. Then, for the next eight years, Wall was an associate probation officer in Massachusetts. Always searching for a spot on a police department, Wall finally succeeded in 2017 when he was offered a position at the Wellesley Police Department. 

Wall, like every officer in Wellesley, completed the 28-week police academy in Quincy and was then placed on patrol duty, working traffic stops and responding to calls. Wall says that he has enjoyed the Wellesley Police Department and the culture it has to offer. 

“There are always a number of people, even to this day, that I can call on for support and guidance. From the Chief down, they’re always accessible if you’re having issues, whether personally or professionally. It’s a very open and supportive environment to work in,” said Wall. 

Officer Wall finished the 2019 Boston Marathon in a time of five hours, 25 minutes, and 53 seconds. Photo Courtesy of Matthew Wall. 

Wall’s predecessor at the high school, Officer Evan Rosenberg, says that he is very confident in Wall’s ability to handle the new assignment. 

“I’ve gotten to know Officer Wall over the past few years, and I am very confident in his ability. I decided to return to a patrol assignment after eight years of being in the schools. I felt that a lot of progress happened and it was now my time to allow another officer to take my place,” said Rosenberg.

“Officer Wall has excelled in every assignment he has been asked to undertake and I am confident he will do a fantastic job as our new school resource officer,” said Wellesley Chief of Police Jack Pilecki. 

Outside of caring for his one year old son, Wall considers himself to be a movie buff, often getting together with his friends to watch movies and eat dinner. Additionally, Wall enjoys golfing and going to the shooting range. In his new position, Wall hopes to be seen as approachable and friendly around the school. 

“My goal is to become a recognizable face here at the school. From freshmen to seniors, I want them to feel comfortable approaching me in my office or in the hallway if they have something they need to talk about, or even just to vent. Everyone has things going on in their life, and they might not know who to talk to,” said Wall. “I want people to feel comfortable with me in the school, and to be able to feel like they can approach me with things that they have going on.”

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