Every Thursday at the Economics Club, students who are interested in economics find a place where they can work together with other people who share the same passion for the subject. With AP Economics teacher Mr. Emmett as the club’s advisor, students work through problem sets together and explore concepts from an AP Economics workbook.  

With the aid of Mr. Emmett’s instruction, members go in-depth on the various subjects of economics. To further fortify these complicated ideas, they solve problems assigned on Khan Academy. 

Cole Kennedy ’21 has always orientated himself towards the business and economics fields, taking classes like Advertising and Marketing freshman year and Business/Entrepreneurship sophomore year. However, as a junior, he was unable to take AP Economics, which at the high school is only offered to seniors. 

“As somewhat of an eager junior, the Economics club was a great option. By learning the same material that is taught senior year, I have a chance to challenge myself now and be more comfortable in AP Economics next year,” said Kennedy. 

Through the Economics Club, Kennedy explores subjects he has a passion for and prepares himself to be engaged in a class for it the following year. Kennedy feels that this has helped him take steps towards gaining a fuller understanding of the subject.

There is never an end goal while looking at topics surrounding micro and macroeconomics. There’s so much to learn that you almost need to take small incremental steps for you to achieve success,” said Kennedy. 

The Economics Club helped Kennedy further evolve his passion for economics, and has helped him explore the intricate depths of complex concepts ranging from supply and demand to fixed, variable, and marginal cost.

Louis Awdeh ’21 has similarly expressed a passion for economics and joined the club after  Emmett recommended it to him. The club has helped him explore regions that he looks to further research beyond the high school.

“Economics and economic policy is definitely a subject I hope to go further into, including as a major in college or even further. I believe economics can provide you with a really strong basis to tackle all sorts of problems across the world, including ones I’m interested in making an impact in like climate change,” said Awdeh.

For Ben Workman ’21, whose interest in economics was sparked through a summer course on microeconomics, the club promotes an environment where he and other members can further explore the subject.

“The students here are really nice, and we might do problem sets together. A lot of people in the club have the same passion for learning and economics,” said Workman.

The club welcomes both beginners willing to learn about the subject and experienced students ready to dive deeper into the depths of economics. Kennedy believes that the club fosters a connected learning environment in which students collaborate to solve complex problems.  “Just come on in and check it out. We have kids who come in all the time and don’t necessarily commit to spending the full year. If you have a passion for economics and business you will see yourself wanting to come back every Thursday. Yes, economics can be overwhelming and confusing at times, but this club provides the resources to answer your questions,” said Kennedy.

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