Inclusivity is key to the mission and work of Student Congress. The officers and advisors strive to make every student in the school feel that the organization is working in their best interest. 

In the spirit of inclusivity and diversity, Student Congress members are currently creating a different kind of Seminar Day — one that allows students to share stories, hobbies, and aspects of their identities people may not know. 

In addition to the annual March seminars from faculty and career professionals, this new winter Seminar Day is solely for students to present and lead workshops on their interests.

“Student-led seminars have been very popular in the past, so this is an incredible opportunity to let students learn about each others’ passions. These seminars are a fantastic place to highlight the amazing students in the high school,” said Student Congress Vice President Kady Bedard ’21.

This new structure invites students with unique experiences and diverse backgrounds to share with others, creating a welcoming environment where differences are embraced with excitement. Since the seminars are run by students for other students, Bedard believes that they will strengthen the school community, foster inclusivity, and promote diversity. 

Since the planning stage is still in progress, instructions for signing up to run a seminar will be available in early December.

“We have been working on coordinating the event, and Student Congress is really excited to share it with the school,” said Bedard.

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