Although the class of  2020 lost the end of their senior year, it is often swept under the rug that the class of 2021 is on track to have hybrid school for their entire senior year. The senior class, led by officers Josh Lunger ’21, Tommy Hilmer ’21, Kady Bedard ’21, and Effa Fouda ’21, have been working around the clock all year to unite their class despite having lost many of their senior traditions because of COVID-19.

This fall, senior class officers hatched a plan to design and distribute custom made masks dedicated to the class of ’21. The idea was based off of the class of 2020’s raider-themed masks, as the officers wanted to do something special for their student body to reach out and stay connected. 

“We thought it could be a nice gift to our seniors and create a sense of unity in school,” said Hilmer. 

Hilmer was the main designer for the masks, and he described the process as fairly simple. He used The S&R Sport website, which he recommends for anyone looking to order custom masks. 

“I had already created a class logo that we wanted to be the main design on the mask. I uploaded the design to the S&R Sport website, and they altered the design slightly to make it easier to read on a mask after confirming with us,” said Hilmer. 

Shortly after they arrived, the officers distributed these masks free of cost the seniors dropping off their covid tests outside of the high school during Thanksgiving break. So far, over 200 masks have been distributed to both Wellesley and Boston students, and the officers have a plan to allocate the extras to teachers and faculty at the high school. 

The officers deem this project as a success and hope that their efforts to unite the class will have lasting effects despite the barriers that come with COVID-19 restrictions. 

“It’s heartwarming to see seniors wearing their mask in school, especially during a time when we can’t have the multitude of class events that make senior year so special,” said Hilmer.

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