The Wellesley girls indoor track team has made a name for themselves at the finish line, gaining large recognition in just a few months. Led by coach John Griffith, known as Griff, the girls had one of their best seasons yet, with seven runners going on to compete at New Balance Nationals. The team ended their season with a final league record of 5-0, collecting numerous distinguished titles along the way, including the Carey Division title and the Division 2 Indoor State Title for the fifth year in a row.

Griff has coached both indoor and outdoor girls track for fifteen consecutive years, which has well acquainted him with the dynamics of a successful team. He takes pride in the girls’ achievements this season alone, having won the Bay State Conference Championship, the Division 2 Relay meet, and the Meet of Champions (formally known as the All State meet).

However, what’s most important to Griff isn’t winning. “I am a team guy and we win or lose as a team no matter what. The push towards the girls personal goals make successful seasons,” he said.

Griff finds that the team “was special because the girls really stuck together and continued [the team’s] motto of being a family.”

The team ranges in grade levels, but is consistent in their love for the sport. For Gaia Jacobs ‘24, this indoor season entailed exciting experiences. Jacobs and her fellow athletes Rory Clare ‘22, Abby Lothian ‘23, and Annie Comella ‘25, ran the Girls 1600 Sprint Medley at New Balance Nationals in New York. The team placed fourth with a time of 4:06.01, earning them the prestigious title of All-Americans, and marking history at the school.

Like Griff, Jacobs recognizes the role of each of her teammates in their success.

“This experience of going to New York was awesome,” said Jacobs, “There’s so many talented runners on the team, and it felt really great to accomplish something that we’ve been training for for a while now.”

With the outdoor season underway, Griff said he looks forward to starting new. “Hopefully we can stay healthy and have another great season.” After a season like this one, the team will undoubtedly have many more victories to come.

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