Recently, acts of racism have headlined the news, though most of these instances have occurred far away from here. Out of sight, out of mind some would say. Well, now these acts have come straight to us, right in our town and we don’t really know how to handle this problem.

As I learned of the Facebook incident this summer, I realized that really we, not only as a town, but as a country have not come that far in subduing and stopping racism around us.

This sort of thing has been going on in the U.S since the nation’s founding, and we have done almost nothing to stop it. Racism has always been happening in small instances and large ones, and to be honest, we as the town of Wellesley and the U.S don’t know how to stop it.

We live in Wellesley, a mostly white and privileged town. A few instances of racism have happened here in the past over the last few decades. With this sort of thing repeatedly happening in our town it is evident to me that we don’t know how to deal with racism like this in our town.

These acts have called for a radical change in how we look at these horrible racist acts that take place in our town.

We have recently made huge strides in our town to move past these horrible acts of racism. We have done a lot, I think, to educate the students of the Wellesley Public Schools on the problems that we are facing here today, and what we can do to make our town a better place to live.

Wellesley did a pretty good job talking about issues like this within its public schools, to make sure something like this could never happen again in our town.

They also held a meeting were the victims of this horrific attack got to talk about what had happened to them, and about racism in America in general. Are these small acts of teaching enough to keep this racism away forever though?

I see acts of racism like this all over the news nowadays, but is seems as though the U.S isn’t doing enough to counteract this. It just keeps on happening with no one really taking big strides to stop this huge issue in our country.

I hope that something like this never happens again in Wellesley, and also that we do now know how to counteract these awful acts of racism in our town, and also in our country. We have a lot to work on within our country to get better at this and also a lot to work on within our town, but ultimately I do believe that we can get better, and have things like this never happen again at all.


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