There is no doubt that the costs of junior and senior events are exorbitant. Junior Boat Cruise, an extravagant celebration on a cruise ship, harbors a price tag of around $3000. The Senior Prom, which includes food and drink, will take place the Boston Park Plaza Hotel in Boston, which isn’t cheap.

Some members of the school administration have suggested less expensive ways to provide unifying experiences for high school students. the junior class event could be held on land, and Senior Prom could take place in Wellesley, rather than in Boston.

Administrators harken back to a time period in which Senior Prom was held at the Wellesley Country Club. This provided the students with an exciting event at less expense. Both the cost-effective and exorbitant versions of these events would provide a fun experience for students. The question is, which route should we travel?

Although the less expensive events are a good option, these pricey events are a better choice. The benefits that Junior Boat Cruise and Senior Prom provide to their respective classes transcend their price tags.

Wrapping up arguably two of the most strenuous school years, juniors and seniors are provided with the opportunity to blow off steam in unique ways. The current events provide students with the opportunity to dance, drink, and socialize in awe-inspiring locations:the dramatic Boston Harbor and a magnificent ballroom.

After years of the high school’s challenging academic environment, and a slew of time-consuming extra-curricular activities, students deserve to participate in an extravagant event.  Holding events in a major metropolitan city can bring expenses and challenges, but the benefits ultimately exceed these costs.

These events, unlike the typical school dance, will be unforgettable for students. When high school alumni look back on their high school experience, they will likely remember these high-profile events fondly.

In addition, Junior Boat Cruise and Senior Prom are truly events held by the high school community,  for the high school community. Members of the high school community provide funding with events like Junior Auction. The bill of these extravagant events is not being fronted with taxpayer money, or funds that would normally be used for educational endeavors.

Holding the junior class event in a traditional venue, and the senior class event in Wellesley would be cost-effective options. Members of the school community have suggested that the money going to the expensive events could be given to more useful endeavors. The money raised from fundraising events like the Junior Auction could fund scholarships, after-school programs, or even charitable donations.

That being said, class fundraising events like the Junior Auction are intended to raise money for Junior Boat Cruise and Senior Prom. Parents, students, and other members of the high school community donate their own goods and services with the knowledge that these funds will be going to class events.

Another solution is to hold more fundraising events so that we can provide scholarships and various programs. Rather than changing the goals of our current fundraising endeavors, we should expand them and fundraise in other ways.

Although the cost-effective options of junior and senior events may be more cost-effective options, they would fail to provide the unforgettable experiences that Junior Boat Cruise and Senior Prom will. Looking back on their high school experience, members of the school community will be glad they took their class events to the big city.

(Matt Lieberman ’16, Editor-in-Chief)


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