Ms. Stephanie Erickson is a new teacher at the high school who started off in the Special Education department. This fall, she moved to the History department.

During her time working in the Special Education department, Erickson believed that she gained the skills to teach a wider variety of students with different learning profiles in her history class.

“I think I have found a great place where I am able to work with a larger variety of students, but I am still able to use the skills and strategies I learned while working in special education to help all of my students,” said Erickson.

Her students agree that she is effective in the classroom.

“She is a good teacher, [she] explains things that kids do not understand and helps people if they need extra help [and] if they are late or are not able to get to class,” said Charlie Cloaninger ’22, one of Erickson’s students. “She will stop the whole class to explain something one kid does not understand. She also goes somewhat slow to help people that do not understand the material as fast as others do.” 

Erickson said she is excited to work in the History department as a ninth and tenth grade ACP teacher, as they are currently focused on creating a new curriculum.

“It is exciting to teach at the high school because there is a continuous movement towards academic excellence,” said Erickson. 

Erickson said she wants her students to have a growth mindset: the ability to reflect on their failures and successes and not remain in a complacent mindset. In order to do this, Erickson wants to use half days to teach Wellesley’s core values and growth mindset through fun activities. 

Building relationships is one area in which Erickson strives to improve. “One area I am especially focused on this year is creating caring relationships and increasing the opportunities for my students to collaborate with each other,” said Erickson.


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