Growing up at Wellesley High School has given me a unique perspective on the racially charged Facebook group chat incident that occurred this past summer. That said, this scandal has given us a wake up call. I can tell you that while Wellesley High School may be a great community, racism, bullying, and other forms of discrimination do still exist. My personal reaction upon seeing the Facebook posts was pure shock. I knew some of the people involved and affected and it greatly disturbed me. The words that some of the participants found acceptable to put to use were ugly and disturbing. While it might be easier to brush hate underneath the rug, it doesn’t disappear.

So now what? Do we start putting grand emphasis on racial issues in each of our classes? Do we start to believe that our community has somehow failed us?

There is not just one answer to this issue. That’s because it is not a form of discrimination found exclusively in our schools. This is a global issue. Which is why I think it’s the best time to talk. To talk about not only how one person or group of people is racist, but to understand that discrimination is futile.

Prejudice and segregation have gotten us nowhere over the course of history. Left behind after said events are pain, destruction, and bitterness between people who should get along in our world.

I think there’s a misunderstanding when it comes to human differences. Everyone on planet Earth is different. We’ve all got different strands of DNA and that is what makes each and every human being unique. So, if someone were to commit this type of offense against a black person, what’s the motivation? Everyone’s DNA and identity is different. The person committing the crime is also different and could be similarly discriminated against. There is no such thing as a “superior” group of people or one person because they as people are just as different as the individuals who they target.


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