As one of the captains of the football team, indoor track team, and outdoor track teams, Tyler Yen ’23 sets an example for many. 

“He practices as hard as anyone, pays attention to the details, and competes with such a great energy level. So if you are one of his teammates, you have to try and match that at every practice and meet,” said Coach James Everhart.  

Although Yen has been running “since he could walk,” his launch into participating both in winter and spring track and field at the high school wasn’t until his sophomore year. Joining the track team in order to train for the fall football season, Yen unexpectedly found his talent for sprinting and long-jumping. 

“The acceleration, the way your body moves, and stuff like that to kind of produce that short burst of energy is pretty interesting to me,” said Yen.

Following his older brother, Yen began playing football in second grade. He has played for the high school varsity team since his sophomore year and became one of the team captains in his senior year in 2022. Yen is also one of the captains of both the indoor and outdoor track teams. 

“Tyler’s strengths are that he is a leader by example. He practices as hard as anyone, pays attention to the details, and competes with such a great energy level,” said Everhart.

Yen recently announced his commitment to long jump for the Columbia Track and Field team as part of the class of 2027 where he plans to either major in finance or take the pre-medical track.

“The hustle and bustle of the city is definitely something I wanted when I was in my college search,” said Yen. 

Yen highlights his biggest supporters in his sport’s journey are his football coach Lawrence Corda, his track coach James Everhart, and his long jumping coach Kevin Pitts. 

Although balance is difficult to achieve for many, when it comes to his schoolwork, social life, and sports, Yen has found a balance but says he will always prioritize school work. However, long jumping and track are not without their challenges. 

“Because track is really just a game against yourself,I think the biggest thing for me is overcoming self doubt. If you don’t perform maybe one day, and you’re down in a slump even though it’s just a one day thing, overcoming that just because you have an off day one day,” said Yen.

According to his coaches, Yen’s strengths not only include his performance on game day or at meets, but the effort he puts in during practice. 

“I think the biggest thing that people should know about Tyler is that he’s truly committed to improving himself in every way. Whether that’s in the classroom or on the track/field. He puts a great amount of pride into everything that he does,” said Everhart.

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