The smell of chocolate fills the air. Elise Bui can be found in her kitchen with a pile of freshly baked cookies. Warm and gooey.

Elise Bui is in sixth grade. She is 11 years old, and just turned 12 on November 29. She is Vietnamese and moved from Waltham to Wellesley when she was five years old.

If Elise could live anywhere in the world, she would live in Vietnam. She enjoys Vietnamese food and has family in Vietnam.

“Vietnam has a lot of nature, it’s very pretty,” says Elise Bui. “It has big lakes.”   

Aside from Vietnamese food, Elise also likes cookies. Now you may be wondering, what is considered a bad chocolate chip cookie to Elise?

“If it’s done badly it’s okay, if it’s a hard chocolate chip cookie then I wouldn’t be able to eat it!” says Elise.

Why not eat something a little more savory? Elise loves sushi, ramen, and many more Asian foods. 

“If Asian food wasn’t a thing I don’t think I would be alive so that’s great,” says Elise Bui.

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