Benjamin Lussier wants to be better every day. His motivation for doing good shows, no matter where he is on the globe.

He studies, works out, and plays hockey, all with the regimentation of a Naval officer.

Fittingly, that is his dream job.

With that committed mindset, Lussier got his feet wet, and muddy in this case, in Annapolis for Summer Seminar at the Naval Academy. It lasted a week, but the prospect of embarking on such a journey excites him.

There, Lussier was at his best when embracing the “suck” of a challenge.

“When we were getting down and dirty in the mud doing PT and things like that, a lot of people don’t think it’s fun. But when I’m struggling, I’m in my element when I embrace that.” The camaraderie, the rigor, and the character, made Lussier feel at home.

Beyond the Naval Academy, Lussier has a knack for finding his way, no matter where he considers “home”. As an Eagle Scout, he seeks obstacles, and develops toughness. Between makeshift shelters, living on deserted islands and ice sheets, and hiking with grizzly bears, Lussier lives for adventure.  

In the desert outside of Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, Lussier took his compassion to a children’s home seemingly isolated from civilization. The home needed a quality swing set.

He created and executed the construction of the set, and his blueprint for the children’s enjoyment brought them closer together. Yet, one trip simply wasn’t enough.

“They talk about Eagle projects being one time things, but by going back to check on the swing set and tighten up the bolts, it was super important to me that the kids could use what I built for them,” he said. “I hope it lives on for a while.”

For every swing set built, weight lifted, and friend made, Lussier makes his and others’ circumstances more than good.

He makes them better.


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