Coach John Griffith, also known as Griff, has been named  the 2020 MIAA Coach of the Year winner for his work as the girls indoor track and field coach. 

Griffith has been teaching and coaching at Wellesley High School for 25 years, beginning in the fall of 1996, the year after he graduated from Springfield College. 

He was nominated for this award by Athletic Director John Brown.

“I was extremely happy to get the award, mostly for our school, program and all of the people that have helped us be successful. I always tell people that this isn’t an individual award, its recognition for our entire track program,” said Griffith. 

Two of his student athletes, Kate Cassa ’21 and Mary Daniel ’21, believe he deserves this award for his effort as a coach and his commitment to the team and hard work. While also being a football coach, teacher, and dad, he continues to fully devote himself to his track team. 

“Each day, whether we are at a meet or practice he always brings tons of positive energy and a determined attitude. He prioritizes being a team and working together while at the same time pushing each individual athlete to their fullest potential,” said Cassa.

 “The best advice he has given to us is that this sport really wouldn’t be much without a great team. We always find ourselves with a great group of girls every year and have the best time because of this advice,” said Daniel. 

Griffith strives to inspire and encourage his athletes so they always want to do their best for themselves and their team. 

“My coaching philosophy will always be the same, to make sure that student athletes have fun, work hard and compete at a high level, learn about the sport of track and field, work on their fitness levels, deal with adversity, and have a positive experience being part of a tremendous program,” said Griffith.

Griffith pushes perseverance and believes surpassing personal and team goals is possible with the right mindset. 

“Griff inspires me in my sport because no matter how difficult a meet or practice might be, he always believes that each one of us has the capability to beat any of the challenges we face. His belief in us motivates me to do my best for him, myself, and the team,” said Cassa.

In the end, the reason Griffith won this award was due to his push for a team community and girls connecting over their passion for track.

“He has had such an impact on so many girls by his “Togetherness” motto. Win or lose, in the end, he only really cared about the team being a happy group of girls doing what they love,” said Daniel.

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