As the arrival of summer approaches, the end-of-year dances run by the school give students a chance to celebrate yet another successful year. All classes commemorate the year with some sort of dance or event.

On May 1, the freshman class kick-started the end-of-year festivities with a semi-formal dance in the cafeteria. The theme of the dance was “City Skylines” and freshmen had the chance to celebrate their first year at the school.

Many thought the dance had a favorable outcome, including freshman Class Vice President Sinan Onder ’18: “The freshman class semi was an extreme success, as we were able to unify the class while also providing entertainment to all the people that came.” said Onder. “I am glad to say that we surpassed our goal for the number of tickets sold, and I am looking forward to seeing some of the money we raised being used towards next year’s events.”

On May 8, the junior class celebrated their end to the school year with their annual class boat cruise. This year the cruise was held on the Odyssey ship and sailed in and around the Boston Harbor area.

Members of the junior class thought the cruise was a success, including Class President Teddy Sevilla ’16: “The cruise itself was a really great end of year event because of the diversity of activities available on the boat,” he said. “Whether you wanted to enjoy the delicious food, dance all night on the dance floor, or hang out with your friends and enjoy views of the Boston skyline, the boat cruise really was a great way to end the year.”

The sophomore class will continue the string of end-of-year celebrations at their semi-formal dance on May 15. The theme of the dance is “Old Hollywood” and will be held at Elm Bank Reservation.

The senior class will be rounding out the end-of-year dances and events at the school. On May 19, the senior class will be attending an 80s-themed dance in the school cafeteria. The dance is being planned by the senior activities committee. Committee member Mark Sibold ’15 comments that “the dance is always a great time, and the class goes all out.”

The dance of a higher prestige however, Prom, is being held this year in Boston’s Park Plaza on May 26.

Both faculty members and students have worked hard to make the event is a success, including class president Tyler Jung: “We have been planning this event all year, and are very excited for it,” said Jung. “It is one of the final events for the senior class and is generally well attended. Prom provides one of the final opportunities for Seniors to come together before they graduate.”

During this stressful time of tests, quizzes, and finals, it is great that all classes can celebrate their time at the school through some sort of dance or event. Many hope to end this year on a high note by enjoying themselves at their respective class function.

(Jameson O’Neil ’18, Staff Writer)


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