Are you a fan of game shows, especially ones you can be a part of? Well the WHS quiz show team, who competed on WGBH’s high school quiz show, provides an excellent opportunity to support your school and be a part of something unique and interesting.

The quiz show split into four rounds. While the first round worked like jeopardy, where the first person to buzz in answers the question, the later rounds become more complex. The second round had a head to head round, where each team sent one team member to compete. The third round was a category round, and the show concluded with a rapid fire “lightning” round. Although the format is different, the rules remain the same for each round.

In order to join the quiz show team, any student must take a 30-40 question quiz on general trivia. The top two scorers becoming part of the team, and the next two become alternates. The role of an alternate is to fill in for any team member if he/she cannot make the competition.

Members of the team relished the cool experience. “The thing that surprised me most was getting to see a behind the scene look at how television show is made.” said Matt Kraemer ’16.

He also liked the idea of an opportunity to do something he loved outside of school. “The reason that I joined the team was because I have always loved trivia,” said Kraemer. “So I thought that this would be just a fun way to test my knowledge.”

However, there are some downsides to the competition aspect of the team. “Teddy Sevilla (’16) and Zoe Salvucci (’17) were on the team last year, so just making the team was difficult,” said Kraemer. “But focusing on timing was frustrating, because you not only had to know the answer to a question, but you also had to be quicker than the next guy.”

— Colin Emerson ’16, Staff Writer


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